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February 23rd, 2007

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11:53 am - Europe / Horror Fest / Video / Ramfest www.TERMINATRYX.com
www.TERMINATRYX.com <http://www.terminatryx.com/> ˆ pronounced: terminaytrix

Europe / Horror Fest / Video / Ramfest

Greetings all!

We trust your year kicked in with great things.

TERMINATRYX closed 2006 on a couple of high notes.

The first was in late September when they traveled to Europe to perform live at Popkomm in Berlin, Germany. Here they were joined on additional 8-string bass guitar by V.O.D's Diccon Harper.

Then, the night before Halloween there was their live original soundtrack performance to the 1922 vampire classic Nosferatu at the South African HorrorFest - www.HorrorFest.info <http://www.horrorfest.info/> . They were joined in front of a packed house below the big screen at the Labia Theatre (Cape Town) by collaborators Simon & Sean from LARK, Francois from V.O.D & KOBUS!, and Matthijs from Dawn Treader. It was an amazing evening.

The vampire flavoured TERMINATRYX music video for the song Midnight has also been posted on YouTube - www.YouTube.com/terminatryx <http://www.youtube.com/terminatryx> . This clip and 3 audio tracks can also be accessed at their MySpace page ˆ www.MySpace.com/terminatryxxx <http://www.myspace.com/terminatryxxx>

TERMINATRYX kicks off 2007 with a performance at RAMFEST 2-3 March, near Worcester, Cape Town - www.audiomatik.co.za <http://www.audiomatik.co.za/> . TERMINATRYX will close this exciting weekend festival at midnight on Saturday the 3rd - the video screens will be well utilized.

Other great acts performing at RAMFEST include Lark, Battery 9, Fokofpolisiekar, The Awakening, Mind Assault, The Horror Cast, Scarlet Host, Real Estate Agents & many more. See Audiomatik website for details on directions, tickets, camping etc.

TERMINATRYX is aiming to have their debut album finished by mid-2007.

Have a great day!

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